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Friday, 17 February 2012

Reasons to Treat Yourself to a Spa Vacation

In recent years, spa vacations have increased in popularity. During one quick retreat, spa goers can enjoy relaxing massages, rejuvenating skin treatments, luxurious pedicures and dozens of other services. If you’ve been considering a spa vacation, but not sure it’s the best choice for you, here are four reasons to embark on a pampering getaway.

Relax and Recharge

Today, people lead more hectic and over-scheduled lives than ever. Treating yourself to a spa vacation allows you to relax and unplug from daily pressures. And nothing melts away stress like a soothing massage, facial or body treatment. In fact, many spas offer stress-reducing services such as hot stone massages, ultra-cleansing treatments and scalp reflexology. Your spa vacation will leave you feeling refreshed and invigorated for weeks to come.

Invest in Your Health

Many spa therapies are extremely healthy for the mind, body and soul. Services such as massages and reflexology are excellent ways to relieve stress. Body treatments such as salt scrubs and body wraps are great for moisturizing dry skin to reveal a healthy, youthful glow. Hair treatments can help restore your hair’s health, vibrancy and strength. In addition, many facial services can help reduce acne, irritations and other problematic skin conditions. If you’re still ambivalent about taking a spa vacation, think of it as an investment in your health.

Pain Management

Do you suffer from muscle soreness or joint aches? Spa vacations are also a great way to reduce body pain. Many spa masseuses can focus on your trouble areas to relieve stress, tightness and discomfort. Some spas and spa resorts even offer hydrotherapy, which uses water to diminish or eliminate pain. Recognized as a legitimate pain treatment by many pain management clinics, hydrotherapy consists of sitting in a whirlpool or bathtub filled with warm water jet streams. Hydrotherapy can also include relaxing in steam rooms and taking therapeutic showers. As an organic method to ease pain, warm water naturally soothes and relaxes the body.

Conditions that can be treated by hydrotherapy include:
• Acne
• Anxiety
• Arthritis
• Muscle and joint pain
• Cold and flu
• Depression

Time with Family and Friends

Feeling disconnected from your friends or family? Taking time for a spa vacation is a great way to reconnect. In addition to receiving one-on-one services, spas also allow clients to enjoy treatments with others. Couples massages, pedicures, manicures and hydrotherapy sessions are great ways to catch up with your loved ones in a relaxing environment. Whether you’re looking for a girl’s getaway, mother-daughter time or a romantic weekend with your significant other, spa vacations can help solidify bonds with friends and family.

Taking a spa vacation is more than just enjoying beauty and massage treatments – it allows you to relax and refuel while taking proactive steps to better health. Spa vacations also help you reconnect with the most important people in your lives – including yourself! Book your spa vacation today and feel more relaxed and revitalized tomorrow.

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