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Sunday, 12 February 2012

Best Hair Care Tips for Chilly Weather

It is well known that our hair can be affected by high temperatures caused by heating tools for example, or simply by the sun. However, a lot of people don’t know that low temperatures or cold wind can also damage the hair.

Because of cold and other external factors, the hair becomes coarse, hard and dry which may lead to breakage, split ends and a lot of other problems. This can be avoided by paying extra attention to your hair during the cold season.

Tip #1: Invest in a Good Leave-In Conditioner
One of the most important things during the winter is to moisturize your hair on a regular basis, even every day or once in a couple of days. Buy yourself a quality leave in conditioner and make sure to keep your hair moisturized, especially your ends. If you dye your hair, the level of care and protection needs to be increased even more.

Besides your “homemade” hair regimen, my personal recommendation is to get a professional treatment once in three weeks or so. An appointment to your local salon will make your hair shiny and healthy again. It will only take 45 minutes of your time.

Tip #2: Regular Trims to Boost Healthy Texture
Another important tip is to trim your hair more often during the winter, because you are more likely to get split ends during the cold season. However this leads to another problem. Combined with the fact that hair grows slower during the cold season, trimming will prevent you from retaining length. So, if you are having this issue you might want to consider a hair growth vitamin such as biotin.
If you use a lot of styling products make sure you choose the best one for your hair. Try to avoid chemicals or heavy products that put a lot of weight on the hair. I personally like to use a lot of water based products.

Tip #3: Revitalize Your Hair From Inside Out
What you eat is extremely important as well, not only for your general health but also for the health of your hair. Foods high in vitamins, minerals, zinc and magnesium are good for your hair and will provide a higher level of protection. If you feel that you can’t get enough nutrients into your system you can take supplements as well.

To round things up, our hair needs lot of attention and care during the winter, and taking good care of it will definitely pay off.

Author bio:
Christine is a part time blogger and hair care junkie. If you are thinking or using biotin vitamin make sure to check out her article on biotin side effects.

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