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Saturday, 28 July 2012

Mental Wellness--What It Takes

Keeping a healthy mind should probably be the prime concern for everybody. After all, all other activities that we do in our everyday lives is controlled and facilitated by the mind. There’s always thinking involved in everything, from doing reports and analyses as part of professional duties, to studying and reviewing as part of the academic responsibilities of students. There’s also thinking involved even in the most basic routines in life, like eating and sleeping!

It goes without saying then that maintaining good mental health is key to having a successful and productive life. Just imagine what a mess it would be if you are nursing an unhealthy mind that last the entire day, let alone a week, a month or even a lifetime!

But what does having a healthy mind mean? What does it take to develop and maintain mental wellness?

Who is mentally healthy?

A person who has fit mental capacities is someone who is cheerful, optimistic, enthusiastic, and blissful. That person generally exudes a positive attitude which may reflect in his or her socialization, facial expressions, and speech. Basically, a mentally fit person is someone whose mood, attitude, thinking, and behavior are always on the positive note.

One who has a healthy mind is sociable. It is just so easy for that person to deal with different kinds of people because of the way the individual thinks--which is--everybody is a friend. And thanks to a positive mood and attitude toward people, this person belongs to a lot of social circles which in the long run provides positive support, meaningful connections, and a good source for favors. There's truth in the saying, “man is a social animal” after all.

An individual who practices mental wellness is good at handling problems and challenges. Of course, no one is spared from being confronted with life’s struggles, but the mentally fit person gets through all these easily and successfully. For this person, problems and trials are only a flick away.

Stress, anxiety and depression are nonexistent in this person’s vocabulary. Well, yes, this person will also have a fair share of low moments, but is wise enough not to dwell too much on them, but rather gets on his or her foot, stands tall once again, cheerful and optimistic as always.

A mentally healthy person is goal-oriented. That person sets goals and objectives in life and strives hard to make them come into fruition. These goals are relevant, workable and worthy of every exerted effort. And when goals are met, the person develops a renewed sense of fulfillment and self-worth. Such a person doesn’t brag about it, but rather humbly shares it with close allies to inspire them and spread the culture of positivity and goodness, the very attitudes akin to possessing mental wellness.

How to achieve better mental health

Doing exercises and fitness activities is one of the effective ways to achieve mental wellness. These activities not only improve the body’s physical condition but also the mental condition as well. Exercise improves blood flow, thus facilitating the efficient delivery of blood in different parts of the body, especially the brain. The brain heavily relies on blood in order to function well. A well-functioning brain is vital to having improved mood, attitude and behavior.

Exercise also improves one’s sleeping habit, thanks to its other benefits like improved heart rate, blood circulation, and metabolism. Exercise reduces tension and stress in the body, which are essential to have a peaceful and sound sleep at night.

Diet is also a good way to achieve mental wellness. Yes, the foods we consume greatly affect the processes and functioning of our mind. Experts advise that we should consume healthy foods like complex carbohydrates, good sources of protein and fats in low-calorie selections to ensure good mental conditioning. Other vitamins, minerals, and supplements including the Omega 3 amino acids, are also helpful in boosting mental health. This specific amino acid can also be obtained from foods like fish, shellfish and other fish products.


  1. Mentally healthy is free of stress and depression in life though we always counter those but we need to pay attention of how we can overcome this.

    You've provide a good list of information to overcome mental wellness.

  2. Great info! It is really important to always be mentally healthy. I myself with a lot of work I get stressed most of the time, who wouldn't be if everything is in you. But I overcome it with daily exercise, sleeping early and a healthy diet. With a daily dose of those health and wellness is at your hand.

  3. Yes, good nutrition,exercise and adequate sleep will improve mental health.

    Everyday stress is a battle for many of us and is a huge factor in depression. Therefore if you are able to stay motivated to exercise, eat right and take time to relax, you can stave off mental illness.

  4. This is absolutely true. I concur in your opinion about this matter. Being mentally healthy also reflects our outward attitude and personality. We enjoy our life and environment, and the people in it. We can be creative, learn, try new things, and take risks. We are better able to cope with difficult times in our personal and professional lives and it will be easy for us to deal in whatever circumstances. ~Essay~