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Monday, 9 July 2012

How Celebrities Look Way Younger than Their Real Age

When a person tends to look at celebrities, he or she would admire them for their abilities to portray roles which are daring and provocative on the big screen. 

However, there are a good number of people who would often wonder how in the world they look so youthful even after all these years. One would be surprised to do a bit of research on them and discover that they’re actually older than they look.

 It’s no surprise to see so many people wondering what their secrets to staying so young-looking are. Many of them, as one would assume, have gone under the knife and had plastic surgery done on their faces.

Then again, there are others who have aged rather gracefully. Aside from that, they seem to be in the best shapes of their lives, often sporting rock hard chiselled bodies which can make even the most die-hard fans of this generation green with envy. There’s no doubt that keeping celebrity skin in pristine condition is something that can be quite time consuming. One would even assume that these prominent figures utilize quite expensive treatments. However, people would be surprised that their methods would even be comprised of everyday ingredients. Below are some of the key elements to these celebrities staying so young in appearance.

  • Sunscreen is important. There are a lot of celebrities that often stay out of the sun as much as possible. However, if they do decide to go out and about, they would apply Sun Protection Formulas (SPF) on their skin. This is considered to be one of the biggest secrets to having such glowing skin. Even when exposed to harsh weather conditions, they still continue to make quite an impression on others. If a person wishes to implement the same methods of acquiring such gorgeous looking skin as these famous people, it would sure help to have a healthy dose of sunscreen applied on his or her skin.

  • Another thing that celebrities make use of in order to stay as youthful as possible is retinoid creams. Despite what one may have heard regarding facial scrubs, peels, injections and antioxidants, retinoid creams prove to be the most effective in shedding several years off a person’s face. Most celebrities would actually get prescription retinoids such as Retin-A and Renova. However, as popular as these creams are, they can be quite expensive as well. Therefore, if any common person wishes to avail of something that’s more along their budget, Neutrogena Anti-Wrinkle lotions would be ideal. These formulas also contain SPF, which can definitely aid in looking great even under exposure of the sun.

These two methods are what most celebrities utilize for looking a lot younger than their actual age. Therefore, if a person wishes to look like a Hollywood star, these are two important methods which he or she can use. They aren’t expensive as Botox injections or even putting on profuse amounts of makeup. On top of that, they can make a person look naturally young, often putting their friends in wonder as to what their secret really is.

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