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Saturday, 24 March 2012

Chewing Slowly Promotes Better Digestion

If you are part of the majority of the population who is living a rather fast-paced urban life, you might have found yourself gulping down your meals in order to cope with your busy schedule. Although the type of food that we eat is something that we should consider as the number one priority; we should also consider the conditions that we are currently in as we eat. 

No matter how nutritious a certain food item is, it could still give your body some amount of damage when you are eating it under stressful surroundings.

Fast eaters should be able to realize just how much satisfying it is to eat slower for the mind, body, and spirit. Aside from this, eating food too hastily can also give rise to a variety of health problems such as heartburn, indigestion, cramping, bloating, overeating, and weight gain.

What are the Benefits of Eating Slowly?
There are so many benefits that you can reap from actually slowing down the pace of eating your food. Better digestion is one of its most important benefits. When you are able to chew your food better, your stomach and intestines will be spared from having to work harder in order to break the food down. This leads to less digestive upset and better nutrient absorption.

When you eat slower, you are also able to hasten the rate of your metabolism. In this manner, your digestion will be slowed down, leading to more calories burned. Another way that chewing slowly can help you with losing those calories is that it will give your stomach ample time to signal the brain to tell you to stop eating. Normally, it would take 20 minutes for this signal to reach the brain. If you eat slowly, you would not have indulged yourself with too much food by the time that you are told to stop eating.

Finally, you are able to fully enjoy your food if you slow down. You will have time to actually see, taste, smell, and experience the item that you are eating. If you are a food lover, this should be one benefit that you will find very appealing.

How do I Eat Slowly?
There are quite a number of ways for you to effectively eat slowly. Most importantly, you should breathe. This will be a great way to calm down so you are more likely to practice slow eating. Take time to pause from eating at least three times during the entire meal and take in slow and deep breaths.

Also eat in a relaxed environment. Eating in front of the computer or the television is not the right way to do. Actually sit in your dining area and serve your food in the kitchen so you are less likely to take a second helping. You can also share the meal with other people and engage in positive and uplifting conversations. Pay attention to every bite that you take so you are able to experience its flavors. Put your fork down with every bite to slow your self down.

The use of chopsticks can be a very big help in making you eat your food slower. This is especially true if you are having a rather difficult time in using it. If you are not too great with chopsticks, you can use them as a very fine way to eat and chew slower than the usual.

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