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Saturday, 10 March 2012

5 Important Tips to Hide those Zits

Is there anything worse than going out on a date when you know you've got a big zit on your forehand? Or how about landing a huge job interview but waking up in the morning with pimples all over your chin? And of course there's the classic zit on the tip of your nose that will ruin any occasion. 

Sometimes it's so bad you don't feel like going out at all, and you can only muster up enough energy pick up the phone and cancel all your plans.

Acne is definitely embarrassing and it gets in the way of regular life way too often. But you don't have to let it control you because you can fight back - or at least hide it. With a bit of experience, strategy, and the right products you can still live a normal life.

Don’t Pop Pimples - your first temptation is probably going to be popping those pimples right away. It's common for people to think “it will heal quickly” or “there's just no other way!” You have to weigh your options carefully because sometimes more acne is the price you pay for a temporary solution. If you can help it, don't burst your pimples and try to find another way. Otherwise you might be dealing with a much more severe breakouts, or possibly acne scars if you do it enough.

Find a Good Foundation - finding a good foundation will be absolutely key in covering up noticeable acne. This can be a tricky area because foundation's that cover the best also tend to clog your pores. So there's a bit of a trade-off in overall effectiveness with long-term thinking as well. In general, it's far better to use a mineral-based foundation rather than something liquid. Mineral-based makeup goes on lighter, and if you apply it with a brush, it's a lot more hygienic. You can find good ones at reasonable prices from popular brands all over.

The Right Concealer - when you have your foundation in place, you might need the help of a concealer as well. Sometimes foundation alone is enough, but a complementary concealer can really achieve the right tone and color to hide blemishes. You can also find concealers that come with a touch of medication so that you can zap your zits while hiding it at the same time. Just be careful that you don't go overboard if you're already using another topical cream. You don't want to accidentally dry up everything in the process.

Careful Application - something seems to come over people when they're dealing with acne, and a common reaction is to plaster their face with products or makeup. Whether you're using an acne cream or a concealer, you have to remember that more is not necessarily better. Use your products strategically and make sure you check in the mirror to see how things are progressing. Makeup also looks different under certain lighting, so get out good looks from all angles. And if you're using tools to apply your makeup, make sure they are totally clean and replaced on a regular basis.

Seek treatment - it doesn't matter how good your makeup skills are, this is only a temporary solution. It's meant for emergency situations so you'll still need to find a long-term treatment, maybe from a dermatologist if you have more serious acne. In some cases, it doesn't matter how good the makeup is, you might just have really sensitive that doesn't respond well. If you find your breakouts are getting worse, then don't hesitate to consult your general physician for referral to a skin specialist.

Andrea Warner is a Contributor at How to Get Rid of Acne Help, a site designed to help people with real-life practical advice in addition to dealing with the emotional aspects of problem skin. It is a great resource and a wonderful place to start for information regarding your acne problems: http://www.howtogetridofacnehelp.com/

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