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Monday, 11 February 2013

3 Nursing Careers That Don't Require A Bachelor's Degree

If you want to be a nurse, then you will find that the vast number of nursing jobs require a four-year degree. While obtaining this degree is often fairly easy if you have the time and funding, you probably are eager to start your career now. If you have a two-year degree, you should be able to get one of these three careers. They pay fairly well, and you can get the job without completing a full university degree program.

Registered Nurse

A registered nurse is one of the most common nursing careers. These nurses are often employed by hospitals, but they may also be found in certain offices and other medical establishments. You will need to have many skills in order to become a registered nurse, but this is one of the easier careers to get in the nursing field.

You need compassion so that patients feel better, and you also need to remain calm during emergencies so that you can properly help people. Your daily tasks will include giving medicine to patients, bridging the gap between doctors and patients and telling people how to manage their illnesses and conditions.

This field is constantly in demand because nurses are an essential part of any medical establishment. Nurses ensure that patients get the care that they need, and they make it easier for doctors to deal with the more serious cases. You should have no problem finding a job as a registered nurse if you have a two-year degree in nursing.

Licensed Practical Nurse

A licensed practical nurse is typically considered a nurse’s assistant. You will work under a registered nurse that will guide you to ensure that you are doing everything correctly. You typically just need a one-year license to work as a licensed practical nurse, and your daily tasks are very similar to a registered nurse.

You will need to talk with patients, give them a certain amount of care and help communicate the patient’s condition to other people. You will also administer medicine, and you can even run certain tests on patients to test their vitals.

If you want to see what it’s like to be a registered nurse, then a licensed practical nurse will give you a good idea. You will do most of the same tasks, but the registered nurse will be above you. He or she will also have some additional tasks, but not that many.

Licensed Vocational Nurse

The third nursing career that you can get without a four-year degree is a licensed vocational nurse. The truth is that this is almost the same thing as a licensed practical nurse. This title is only used in a few states, and the daily tasks are almost the same.

The major difference is that your tasks will emphasize running tests and administering medicine. This is a good place to start your nursing career, and you can often be promoted as soon as you get a two-year degree.

There are several nursing careers available that don’t require a four-year degree. While the degree will help you secure higher paying jobs, it’s a good idea to start your career now so that you can quickly be promoted as soon as you get the degree.

Joanne Preston worked as a certified nursing assistant (CNA) while going to school to become a registered nurse. She enjoys her career and has shared educational and vocational tips with her readers as well as contributing to, "How Do I Become A CNA?", a terrific guide for people interested in entering the nursing profession.

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