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Thursday, 20 December 2012

Dealing with the Stress of Relocating

Moving can be quite a stressful experience. Relocating internationally can take the stress of relocating to a whole new level. Mental stress can actually lead to physical issues or exacerbate existing issues. This means stress needs to be dealt with, not ignored. There are a few things you can do to help reduce your stress levels as you prepare to move.

If you are moving internationally a part of your stress may be coming from fears of fitting in and understanding a different society, their customs and their language. To help alleviate this stress take the time to find out about the country. The more you know about their language, customs, beliefs and even geography and weather the less alien you will feel. Also, when you move internationally you will be sending all your valuable items with a moving company. 

Many people increase their stress by not choosing a good mover. Remember to do your research, and choose a moving company that is qualified. There are lots of websites life Feedbacq Movers, Intl movers, etc who can help you with the move. Much of this stress will come from an ingrained fear of the unknown so the more you know the less anxious you are going to feel.

Quick Tips For General Stress Relief

For general stress relief try deep breathing. Stress leads to anxiety and anxiety can lead to a pattern of shallow breathing. Practice deep breathing, be sure you are filling your lungs with each breath. You need not do this in an obvious way, just make sure to breath slowly, steadily and deeply. Deep breathing will help set your body, and by extension your mind, at ease.

Another great way to beat stress is exercise. Exercise helps reduce stress in many ways it can release endorphins, a feel good hormone, it can help you regulate your breathing and will help you become more fit and this in turn will help you relax and have a more positive mental state.

Get organized, disorganization will lead to stress. You might not even realize that this is bothering you, it may happen on a subconscious level, but having everything organized and ready to go will help to make you feel better about the move in general and, consequently, take away one of the causes of your stress.

Finally, keep busy. This sounds silly since you are likely quite busy preparing for the move. Keeping your mind busy can help alleviate stress because you have no time to dwell on the issues that are causing you stress. This does not mean ignore what is bothering you, it means think about problems and possible solutions. An idle mind tends to worry and that is going to lead to feed your stress cycle.

Yes, moving internationally is bound to be stressful. You can reduce the stress by doing a bit of research, exercise of mind and body and some simple breathing exercises you can take control of the situation, keep your stress levels low and maybe improve your overall physical and mental fitness.

Author Bio:

Natasha Dogre is an online consultant with iCliniq, an online doctor appointment platform in India. She works with patients and helps them reduce stress and lead a happier life. 

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