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Wednesday, 5 September 2012

5 Steps to a Great Workout Playlist

Step One - Choose The Perfect Song That You Can Play While You Warm-up

Before choosing a great workout play list, you should think a little about your workout routine. Since most people start their exercise regimen with warm up exercises, the first song on your workout play list should be a song that is slow and gradually gets faster. By choosing a song that gradually gets faster, you will have an easier time warming up your body and getting your heart to beat faster.

Step Two - Start Selecting Songs That You Like

After you have selected a song that you will use to start your routine, you have to start choosing songs that will motivate you to do your best. Before adding any songs to your play list, think about what songs will work best at helping you get through your entire workout routine. Since everyone has his or her own personal routine, you need to take the type of exercises you do and the length of your routine into consideration.

Step Three - Select Songs That Compliment The Type of Exercises You Like Doing

After you have compiled the songs that you like, then it is time to start narrowing down your song choices and selecting songs that compliment the types of exercises you will be doing. Whether you start your workout with aerobics, on the treadmill or you prefer to give your muscles a workout, you should choose songs that are upbeat and will help you get through your entire routine.

Step Four - Calculate How Many Minutes of Music You Have

After you have narrowed down your list, you want to estimate how long your play list is. If you workout for an hour, you will need one hour worth of music. If your play list is too short, you will need to go back and add some additional music to your play list. Once you are done, you want to choose a song that you can add to the end of your play list that is perfect for bringing your heart rate down.

Step Five - Put Your Play List to the Test The Next Time You Workout

After you have compiled all the songs you think are perfect for your routine, the fifth and final step is to put your play list to the test and play it the next time you workout. After completing your workout, you will know whether you need to make any additional modifications to make your play list better.

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