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Tuesday, 14 August 2012

5 Summer Exercise Tips for the Extreme Heat

This summer, many cities across the country have experienced significant heat waves. While people in these cities normally use the summer months as a time to exercise outside, many people are finding the extreme heat has made it nearly impossible. 

While the summer heat has made it quite difficult to exercise, there are five tips that could be followed to make it possible to exercise despite the extreme heat.

Exercise in the morning 

The first tip to follow, to exercise in the heat, would be to exercise early in the day.  While the temperature could easily reach 90 degrees or hotter by afternoon, the temperature does not normally even approach its peak until mid-morning.  If you are able to get up early in the morning, you could always get a run or bike ride in before it starts to get too hot.  Another advantage of exercising early in the day is that the humidity is lower, which also helps to make it more comfortable.


If you are looking to exercise in the heat, another option would be to practice yoga.  People spend hundreds of dollars per month at yoga studios to train in heated rooms.  Now, due to the hot weather, you can simulate the same heated exercise for free in your backyard.  If you are looking for guided lessons, many affordable yoga classes are held in public parks across the country during the summer months.


If you are looking for a good outside exercise in the summer, another option would be to go swimming.  Swimming has always been considered a great form of exercise.  In the extreme heat it is particularly beneficial because a pool, lake, or ocean will always be much cooler than the outside air. This can allow you to stay cool while getting in a great workout.

Stay hydrated

If you choose to do a more traditional workout during the summer heat, the most important tip would be to stay hydrated.  Be sure to drink plenty of water before, during, and after any exercise session.  This will help to prevent you from becoming dehydrated and can also help to prevent muscle strains and other injuries. 

Use moderation

The fifth tip to follow when exercising in the heat would be to exercise in moderation. While you may not get the best workout possible, exercising in moderation will prevent you from overheating.  When exercising, be sure to take plenty of breaks and stop exercising altogether if you start to feel a bit dizzy during the exercise session. 

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