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Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Olympic Health Tips from London 2012 Top Athletes

The brilliance and determination of Olympians can inspire us to participate in more sporting activities and stay in the moment without feeling bored with our workout. Instead of sitting on the couch and watching them excel on television, get them to spur you on in your own personal fitness goals.

Sophia Warner
For many individuals, developing a career and raising a family often stands in the way of managing a healthy lifestyle and fitness level. If we were to take that same commitment and apply it our exercise routine, we would be singing a different tune. Start by getting motivated with this spectacular group of athletes who sets the example for the rest of us with their sheer bravado and eye on the prize. Here are some of their Olympic health tips.

Paralympic athlete Sophia Warner reached the peak of her career at the mature age of 37. The lighting fast sprinter won silver in her class at the 2011 World Championships thanks to a rigorous training schedule. In between caring for her two children, Warner trains for six hours a day, five times a week. For her brilliant balancing act, she wins gold. Her Olympic health tip is: be determined, not matter what obstacles and you too can achieve your goal.
Debbie Flood

Not everyone can manage such heavy training, but rowing Olympian Debbie Flood offers her Olympic health tip quote; “Not everybody wants to do as much training as an Olympian but everyone is capable of getting fitter and achieving in sport!" Flood advises that there are a variety of ways to keep fit, such as joining clubs or the gym, doing exercises at home or doing recreational walks in the countryside.

Always set yourself a goal, no matter how big or small, to be your primary source of motivation. When things start to get tough, think back to that goal in order to push yourself forward. Another top Olympic health tip is to respect your body and get excellence out of yourself. According to Flood, sports and exercise is good for body, mind and spirit.

Jessica Ennis
World heptathlon championship and Olympic poster girl Jessica Ennis also gave her Olympic health tip. According to her, to be truly fit training must be progressive.

Doing the same training everyday will not help you achieve your goal. Therefore training must be regular, yet different. In order for it to become a habit, training must also be fun otherwise motivation will soon decrease. Whether your sport is on the field or in the pool, these Olympic health tips will get you right on track.

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